Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

arte ideas wishes you a happy christmas and new year.

We hope that you’ve got all your eco-gifts in time. Just to let you know that all deliveries (from the 19th December) have been postponed until after the Christmas Holidays, sadly we don’t have elves or reindeers to help us out with over the holiday delivery. We hope that we’ve encouraged as many people to give their ssri list loved ones an environmentally friendly gift…it’s the thought that “you’re saving the environment and countless of lives” that counts at this time of year, and we know you’ll appreciate that feeling.

We wish everyone a Happy Christmas & an even Happier New Year.

- Arte Ideas Team.

NEW Tokyo Envriosax Bags

tokyo envirosax reusable bags available at arte ideas

Incoming new Tokyo Envirosax Bags! We are always happy to receive these eco-friendly reusable bags, as always, they are big, sturdy, easy to wash and vibrantly coloured. Not to mention they roll down to nothing and will make great stocking stuffers for friends and family this Christmas! As you might be aware, that plastic bags are slowly, but surely fading away from our existence (finally), In the UK, they cost 5p, but in a majority of the world they are already banned. These bags will fit the bill beautifully for carrying grocery shopping, retail store items, gym equipment…the list goes on!

This design is based on the most popular city in the world, and uses the inspiration of Tokyo’s unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment and culture. Envirosax have always been moving in the right direction in reducing the amount of plastics and consistently making very fashionable reusable bags, and continue to spread the message to many people as possible. For more information regarding the eco aspects of envirosax, please visit our previous article here: 

Envirosax Bags are available in our online store at, for infrequently pleasant updates like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

NEW Envirosax Reusable Bags!

NEW Envirosax reusable bags available! We have new Blue, Black, Red & Brown Envirosax ranges in and they look amazing! Not to mention you can pick up 3 envirosax bags for the price of 2!

Approximately 100 billion of the 380 billion plastic bags used in the US every year are shopping bags. So you can see how Envirosax bags can significantly reduce the amount disposable plastic bags used.

If you are not aware, Envirosax have been taking strides to help the process even further by having their own dedicated Envirosax RPET. RPET is Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate which consists of 55% flat filament (virgin) polyester and 45% Repreve® polyester. This means that the 45% Repreve® is made up of 100% recycled material, with 65% pre-consumer and 35% post-consumer recycled polyester that is mainly recycled plastic bottles.

This very eco friendly process has adopted a significant amount of environmental benefits by using recycled content in the material used in the process of creating the fabric as compared to virgin polyester or other synthetic plastics.

The process of polyester yarn conserves 3.34 litres of gasoline for  every kilo of polyester yarn made. Approximately 25 million tonnes of polyester is produced globally per annum, you can see how this figure becomes a significant amount, not considering the other resources needed to create this plastic.

Envirosax are moving in the right direction and are targeted people who would normally not use an eco-friendly bag. By showing our customers these statistics, we are making the whole concept of reusable bags more insightful that they are trying their best to reduce the amount of plastic and make trendy and fashionable reusable bags, and thus spread the message to as many people they can lay their hands on.

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NEW Ladies Red Cashmere Fingerless Gloves by Turtle Doves

turtle doves red cashmere fingerless gloves

Autumn is upon us and we’re wondering what happened to Summer! Darn, oh well at least winter is coming (no Game Of Throne reference intended), what better way of wrapping yourself up with these cosy Red Cashmere Fingerless Gloves, which are wrist-warmers and fingerless gloves rolled into one. Cool! Designed by Turtle Doves, they are made from 100% cashmere jumpers and come with their own recycled packaging wrap so that they can make a great present too.

Every pair is made unique by their recycled nature and can have a lighter or darker shade to the colour choice. These are also machine washable on a cold setting.

Our supplier Turtle Doves recycle jumpers that have been thrown away into new accessories. Their main product are these fingerless gloves. The idea is that you can wear them as fingerless gloves or an alternative wrist warmers, where apparently you lose al lot of heat on your wrists. They use as much of the recycled jumper as possible. They also make scarves that use a combination of jumpers to create a patchwork scarf. A very interesting campaign Turtle Doves is currently running is that if you already have a worn cashmere jumper, they can make you a free pair of fingerless gloves as long as they keep the remaining material left from the jumper!

For more products from Turtle Doves, and other infrequently pleasant updates on eco gifts, head on over to our store where we currently have 10% off all first purchases if you sign up to our mailing list! Or if you have or know of these fingerless gloves, let us know what you think on our Facebook & Twitter!

NEW Catherine Tough Knitwear

catherine tough knitware

We are back once again to feature one of our amazingly new suppliers called Catherine Tough.  We like how wonderfully creative and colourful Catherine Tough’s knitwear is and we are proud to have their products in our store!

Catherine and her team’s origin story began 13 years ago where her passion for textiles started way back at school and passed down by he mum’s own knitting skills and Youtube (more specifically Clothes Show TV). She then developed her skills and her own unique style at the Royal College of Art. She has a very English sense of style and the surroundings of Hackney (where Catherine and her family live) inspire her work for her to produce a bold and beautiful designs.

Catherine does a whole cavalcade of neat knitwear including woollen hats, scarves, cushions and  throws, but what we have available are her very quirky Kids Yellow Elephant Lambswool Scarf,  and a selection of men’s and women’s socks named after other cute animals, such as these Women’s Lambswool Owl Socks and Men’s Red Fox Bamboo Socks..majestic!

These are some very colourful and amazing eco-gifts, we recommend you take good care of them by machine washing them on a gentle wool cycle no higher than 30C or hand washing.  For more organic knitwear from Catherine Tough, visit our online store by clicking the top right link on this page, and search ‘Catherine Tough’ by using our search bar.

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