NEW Catherine Tough Knitwear

catherine tough knitware

We are back once again to feature one of our amazingly new suppliers called Catherine Tough.  We like how wonderfully creative and colourful Catherine Tough’s knitwear is and we are proud to have their products in our store!

Catherine and her team’s origin story began 13 years ago where her passion for textiles started way back at school and passed down by he mum’s own knitting skills and Youtube (more specifically Clothes Show TV). She then developed her skills and her own unique style at the Royal College of Art. She has a very English sense of style and the surroundings of Hackney (where Catherine and her family live) inspire her work for her to produce a bold and beautiful designs.

Catherine does a whole cavalcade of neat knitwear including woollen hats, scarves, cushions and  throws, but what we have available are her very quirky Kids Yellow Elephant Lambswool Scarf,  and a selection of men’s and women’s socks named after other cute animals, such as these Women’s Lambswool Owl Socks and Men’s Red Fox Bamboo Socks..majestic!

These are some very colourful and amazing eco-gifts, we recommend you take good care of them by machine washing them on a gentle wool cycle no higher than 30C or hand washing.  For more organic knitwear from Catherine Tough, visit our online store by clicking the top right link on this page, and search ‘Catherine Tough’ by using our search bar.

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Owl Pyjamas by Little Green Radicals

little green radicals owl pyjamas

It’s been a while since we sent Little Green Radicals our love for supplying us with amazingly ethical and organic clothing for children, not to mention how colourful they are!

So for anyone who is not aware, Little Green Radicals sell organic and fairtrade clothing for kids, and was one of the first in the UK to get fairtrade certification for cotton, which come to think of it is an awesome achievement!

Behind the scenes of Little Green Radicals

We would like to turn your attention one product in particular that we absolutely adore (and wish we had some adult ones), which are these cute Owl Pyjamas. These Hoot The Owl Pyjamas come in a top and bottoms set, made from 100% organic cotton and machine washable. These PJs are ideal for 1-2 years and would make a great gift to parents who are eco-conscious and want to aid developing countries prosper. Another amazing discovery if your children happen to be sensitive to certain types of materials, or even have Eczema, the organic cotton can help.

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NEW Ruby Ruth Dolls

eccentric ruby ruth dolls made from recycled materials

Ruby Ruth’s eccentric dolls are back once again, and we are proud to have those adorable characters back in stock. It has been SO hard seeing them go to many customers, We were super happy to have new characters to add to the family.

If you are not aware of these cute things, Ruby Ruth Dolls are made from an assortment of recycled materials sourced from local charity shops, car boots and welcome donations and are hand tailored into these colourful characters designed by Jenny Mustill.

If you have one of these eccentric characters, head to Ruby Ruth Dolls and show them in their new home! And say that Arte Ideas sent you : )

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NEW Little Green Radicals Spring/Summer Collection

new spring summer collection from little green radicals

We are proud to announce Little Green Radicals new spring/summer collection! Josie has done it again! (Josie is LGR’s designer) The theme we believe is ‘Aesop’s fables, which is about the fable of the tortoise and the hare. We again love the very colourful and quirky graphics used in this collection, almost, well radical (or rad to the cool kids). Speaking of cool kids, there’s no doubt that your little radicals will look super cute and colourful in this range. We recommend you take a peek at the blue bay fisherman jacket (as shown in the image above) and for the girls the rose pink fisherman jacket (or should it be fisherwoman?)

This new range goes up to ages 7-8 if you were wondering, so thanks for taking the time to look at our new range that Little Green Radicals have supplied us, you can see the Little Green Radical’s Spring Collection and many other cool products that care for the environment and ethics at Also like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for pleasantly infrequent updates on our eco gifts.

New Year, New You…it’s time to start improving the Human Condition.

Time to start improving the human condition

First off, we hope you’ve had an amazing Christmas and New Year. Everyone at Arte Ideas like to thank everyone who has visited our site, read our articles and been engaging socially…all this helped us greatly make people more aware of eco-friendly gifts that we have available and the amazing people who supply us with these products.

Now that we have that out of the way…let have a chat about what we all can do to further improve ourselves and the human condition. So what is the “human condition” you might be wondering, well it is something that we believe is what we have been doing since the very start of Arte Ideas, which is to drive the progress and the concerns of the human existence, such as poverty. In reflection, over half of the population live on less than £2 a day. There are over 1 billion people living in poverty right now, to put that into perspective they are over 2 billion children on this earth, so every 2nd child would be living in poverty. Sorry if this sounds slightly depressing, but this is the actual fact, but in essence you are already helping the human condition, you might not realise it sometimes, but you are an awesome person. The good things we do such as purchasing something that is eco-friendly, ethical or locally sourced goes towards supporting people who are less fortunate, sort of like a ‘pay it forward’ system. If you’re not aware pay it forward means to pay forward a good deed to others instead to yourself, so sort of an eco-pay-it-forward. The innovations in technology has also greatly benefited our cause by providing us with newer recycling methods, materials capable of cutting carbon emissions and fossil fuels, and the development of ethical working relationships. We are very proud that our suppliers have successfully achieved in providing these things that has had a transformative impact. This impact is then paid forward by you, the eco consumer who are very conscious in all things environmentally friendly, well there you have it, you were improving the human conditional all along! Make sure you impact other people with the ‘eco-pay-it-forware’, it won’t unless it reaches the people who benefit from it…

So here’s to you, keep on improving the human condition, showing compassion and the will to help others and the world will be just that better off. As for the belated Christmas and New Year wishes, below are few offers we have for this month, if you have any loved ones birthdays coming up or just save yourself some presents for this year, be sure to visit

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