Why Are Disposable Coffee Cups Still Failing To Recycle?

diagram of how many disposable cups are sold by the big coffee chains

The big chain coffee shops such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee are still failing to make it easy for customers to recycle or produce the means of reducing the use of disposable cups. The yearly amount of cups takeaway cups still stand at 2.5bn in the UK, and it is distinguishable from just glancing at a public rubbish bin that they are full of potential recyclable items, So why are we still not recycling them?

While disposing of these cups might seem to be the right way of going with big chain coffee shops constantly reducing the amount of material used with each cup, but are they really making it easier to recycle? Disposable cups are predominantly made of cardboard (around 95% of its weight, and we hope recycled) and 5% polyethylene in the form of a thin coating inside the cup. The reason they do this is that the coating provides insulation for the cup and stops the cardboard from going soggy. Most people don’t realise that this coating cannot be recycled, paper mills are unable to process this with mixed material.

So one of things we can do is make the general population of this and make them more aware of alternatives. We would prefer if the government and coffee businesses stepped in to do more to encourage people to bring their own reusable cups. We are seeing some organisations such as Starbucks offer discounts of up to 25p by bringing your own reusable cup, so why not start a campaign asking people to bring their own cup! (B.Y.O.C anyone!, you can have that one for free). We will do our best to keep nudging the big coffee chains to make more people aware of bringing their own reusable cups and upping their efforts in reducing waste.

All we can say is that we are trying to do out bit by offering affordable alternatives such as Keep Cups, which are the first ever Barista standard reusable coffee/tea cup, now that’s something to shout about. Joco also design a reusable cups, a glass variation. These cups both help out mother nature, and also help you ditch the disposable cup.

keep cups' alchemy collection

glass reusable cups by joco

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Matt & Nat vegan handbags have recycled over 1m+ plastic bottles in a year!

over million plastic bottles recycled - matt and nat

We are proud to announce that Matt & Nat have now recycled over 1 million water bottles in a year! Wow. This is amazing! Good job guys. If you are not familiar with Matt & Nat, they produce handbags and accessories using their signature vegan leathers and other eco-friendly materials such as recycled nylon, cock and rubber. They also collaborate with factories from china that are in line with their ethos and quality with the SA8000 standard certification. Sustainability is constantly sourced in the design of Matt & Nat products. 100% of recycled bottles are used in the lining of their bags and approximately 21 plastic bottles are recycled with each bag produced.

We are very pleased that they have achieved this milestone and we hope that they improve on this and on their products by using more innovative and sustainable materials. We currently have Matt & Nat Vegan Handbags available at Arte Ideas, we would love it for your see these and many other Eco-Friendly Gifts on our online store. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for infrequently pleasant updates on eco news.

Matt & Nat Vegan Handbags & Accessories – Featured Eco Supplier

collection of mat and nat vegan handbags

We are proud to announce MATT & NAT handbags & accessories to Arte Ideas. MAT & NAT are a vegan brand that continues to innovate in way to remain sustainable, They do this by excluding leather and other animal based materials in their production and use 100% recycled plastic bottles inside the linings of their bags, they have also experimented with different recycled materials such as nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork.

The inspiration behind this brand is the exploration in MAT(T)erial and NATure and how these can synergise to inspire the texture and hues of nature. such as the Fabi Vintage Backpack. Another thing that is truly inspiring about MATT & NAT is that the team constantly aim to better themselves and the environment by volunteering as much as possible.

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World Environment Day (WED), join the WED Challenge!

World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) celebrates the awareness of positive environmental action, encouraging people worldwide to do something that will positively affect the environment. This pay it forward approach to significantly improving the planet will not only allow the people of this planet to realise their responsibility to care for it, but also do something that will change it for the better.

WEDs objectives are to help build the momentum towards the support of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and to encourage the importance and urgency to help protect these islands at the Third International Conference in September. These SIDS are under threat and face growing risks as a result of climate change.

So what can you do about it? You can Register your activity on www.unep.org/wed and be a part of changing the environment and making a sustainable future that we can all prosper from. This can be in the form of organising clean up campaigns, food waste reduction initiatives, walk-to-work days, plastic bag ban, tree planting, recycling and anything else you can think that will improve the impact on the environment. So what have you going to do? Every action counts! Even if it’s buying an eco-friendly gift, you are still doing your part.

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Fair Trade Fortnight 2013

Fair Trade Fortnight 2013

Fair Trade Fortnight is an annual celebration of all things Fairtrade! From 25th February to March 10th there will be many fair trade events, promotions and activities near you, so if you haven’t made a swap to Fairtrade, now’s the time.

Fairtrade products is an effective way to ensure that small producers and poor workers in developing countries get a fair price for their goods through production and trade. Help out Fair Trade today to create a sustainable food system that will ensure everyone will get decent livelihood from the produce they grow.

You can stay in contact with what’s happening by visiting the Take A Step Fair Trade website.