NEW Tokyo Envriosax Bags

tokyo envirosax reusable bags available at arte ideas

Incoming new Tokyo Envirosax Bags! We are always happy to receive these eco-friendly reusable bags, as always, they are big, sturdy, easy to wash and vibrantly coloured. Not to mention they roll down to nothing and will make great stocking stuffers for friends and family this Christmas! As you might be aware, that plastic bags are slowly, but surely fading away from our existence (finally), In the UK, they cost 5p, but in a majority of the world they are already banned. These bags will fit the bill beautifully for carrying grocery shopping, retail store items, gym equipment…the list goes on!

This design is based on the most popular city in the world, and uses the inspiration of Tokyo’s unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment and culture. Envirosax have always been moving in the right direction in reducing the amount of plastics and consistently making very fashionable reusable bags, and continue to spread the message to many people as possible. For more information regarding the eco aspects of envirosax, please visit our previous article here: 

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Owl Pyjamas by Little Green Radicals

little green radicals owl pyjamas

It’s been a while since we sent Little Green Radicals our love for supplying us with amazingly ethical and organic clothing for children, not to mention how colourful they are!

So for anyone who is not aware, Little Green Radicals sell organic and fairtrade clothing for kids, and was one of the first in the UK to get fairtrade certification for cotton, which come to think of it is an awesome achievement!

Behind the scenes of Little Green Radicals

We would like to turn your attention one product in particular that we absolutely adore (and wish we had some adult ones), which are these cute Owl Pyjamas. These Hoot The Owl Pyjamas come in a top and bottoms set, made from 100% organic cotton and machine washable. These PJs are ideal for 1-2 years and would make a great gift to parents who are eco-conscious and want to aid developing countries prosper. Another amazing discovery if your children happen to be sensitive to certain types of materials, or even have Eczema, the organic cotton can help.

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NEW Ruby Ruth Dolls

eccentric ruby ruth dolls made from recycled materials

Ruby Ruth’s eccentric dolls are back once again, and we are proud to have those adorable characters back in stock. It has been SO hard seeing them go to many customers, We were super happy to have new characters to add to the family.

If you are not aware of these cute things, Ruby Ruth Dolls are made from an assortment of recycled materials sourced from local charity shops, car boots and welcome donations and are hand tailored into these colourful characters designed by Jenny Mustill.

If you have one of these eccentric characters, head to Ruby Ruth Dolls and show them in their new home! And say that Arte Ideas sent you : )

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NEW Little Green Radicals Spring/Summer Collection

new spring summer collection from little green radicals

We are proud to announce Little Green Radicals new spring/summer collection! Josie has done it again! (Josie is LGR’s designer) The theme we believe is ‘Aesop’s fables, which is about the fable of the tortoise and the hare. We again love the very colourful and quirky graphics used in this collection, almost, well radical (or rad to the cool kids). Speaking of cool kids, there’s no doubt that your little radicals will look super cute and colourful in this range. We recommend you take a peek at the blue bay fisherman jacket (as shown in the image above) and for the girls the rose pink fisherman jacket (or should it be fisherwoman?)

This new range goes up to ages 7-8 if you were wondering, so thanks for taking the time to look at our new range that Little Green Radicals have supplied us, you can see the Little Green Radical’s Spring Collection and many other cool products that care for the environment and ethics at Also like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for pleasantly infrequent updates on our eco gifts.

Extra Large Kiko Frames Are Back In Stock!

Extra Large Kiko Frames

So we have got our hands on some more Extra Large Kiko Frames! We also have them in a selection of sizes from Portrait – 5″ x 7″ (medium) Kiko Frames, and 8″ x 10″ (large) Kiko Frames. These are by far one of the best ethically sourced Eco Gifts that you can go for, especially if you are going for a rustic, vintage aesthetic.

These frames are very versatile, they are designed so that you can place pieces of your memories or nostalgia in any form that you might have, be it photos, pieces of fabric, pressed flowers, anything you can fit and deserves to be displayed and that is personal to you,  your family and your home.  The frame also allows you to present anything you have on both sides on the glass so it is possible to hang these frames freely from your ceiling. We personally like them wall mounted inside of hallways or entryway that have a rustic or industrial feel, we highly recommend these vintage coat racks, which tie in nicely with the character and shabby chic design you might be going for with these glass frames.

Nkuku supply Arte Ideas with these and many other ethically sourced, fair-trade products. Their furniture and homewares have been loved and lived in by many people, we are glad they we have been restocked, so don’t wait for too long, they might get snapped up again! Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more updates on eco gift offers and updates in stock!