New Year, New You…it’s time to start improving the Human Condition.

Time to start improving the human condition

First off, we hope you’ve had an amazing Christmas and New Year. Everyone at Arte Ideas like to thank everyone who has visited our site, read our articles and been engaging socially…all this helped us greatly make people more aware of eco-friendly gifts that we have available and the amazing people who supply us with these products.

Now that we have that out of the way…let have a chat about what we all can do to further improve ourselves and the human condition. So what is the “human condition” you might be wondering, well it is something that we believe is what we have been doing since the very start of Arte Ideas, which is to drive the progress and the concerns of the human existence, such as poverty. In reflection, over half of the population live on less than £2 a day. There are over 1 billion people living in poverty right now, to put that into perspective they are over 2 billion children on this earth, so every 2nd child would be living in poverty. Sorry if this sounds slightly depressing, but this is the actual fact, but in essence you are already helping the human condition, you might not realise it sometimes, but you are an awesome person. The good things we do such as purchasing something that is eco-friendly, ethical or locally sourced goes towards supporting people who are less fortunate, sort of like a ‘pay it forward’ system. If you’re not aware pay it forward means to pay forward a good deed to others instead to yourself, so sort of an eco-pay-it-forward. The innovations in technology has also greatly benefited our cause by providing us with newer recycling methods, materials capable of cutting carbon emissions and fossil fuels, and the development of ethical working relationships. We are very proud that our suppliers have successfully achieved in providing these things that has had a transformative impact. This impact is then paid forward by you, the eco consumer who are very conscious in all things environmentally friendly, well there you have it, you were improving the human conditional all along! Make sure you impact other people with the ‘eco-pay-it-forware’, it won’t unless it reaches the people who benefit from it…

So here’s to you, keep on improving the human condition, showing compassion and the will to help others and the world will be just that better off. As for the belated Christmas and New Year wishes, below are few offers we have for this month, if you have any loved ones birthdays coming up or just save yourself some presents for this year, be sure to visit

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Manumit – Featured Fairtrade Accessories

Manumit New Fairtrade Accessories

We are delighted to share some of our new ethical, fairtrade products from Manumit. Manumit offer a exquisite range of fair trade bags and accessories, which are produced and designed in the UK, and handmade by producers in the developing world.

Manumit have original and unique designs that are not seen too often on the high streets, also they have an ethical foundation, which gives their products a very personal and authentic touch, such as their Winter Grey Cherry Blossom Washbag and  Lollipop Flower Coin Purse, the hand-made embroidery work encompasses so much detail, you can truly tell that this was made by a person who is passionate about what they make.

Manumit have an underling goal to help others and create alternative and fair living in Asia, they do this by helping to tackle poverty by trade, not aid. All Manumit asks is that you purchase ethical alternatives to make a positive difference to the lives of Artisans across the developing world. Here’s Dan’s Story, one of Manumit’s producers which we found her story very touching and it’s always good to see the people behind the products. We are very proud to introduce more of Manumit’s handmade accessories to our store, we hope all the best for them.

Click here for get your very own Manumit Fairtrade Accessories. Please follow Arte Ideas on Facebook & Twitter. Finding it hard to choose a Environmentally Friendly Gift for loved ones? We have Pinterest Page with a bunch of boards to get your ideas flowing.