How Convenience is Killing Our Planet

How Convenience is Killing Our Plant
How Convenience is Killing Our Plant – An infographic by the team at Arte Ideas

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7 comments on “How Convenience is Killing Our Planet

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  3. Tony Clarke on said:

    would love to use some of this in our local “one less plastic bag” campaign.

    Would you have any objections?

  4. I want to translate this informtaion into Albanian, because there is a huge amount of plastic bags. It is a strong tradition. Is it possible to get the original file .Indesign / illustrator and translate it into Albanian and change the amounts to European standards?!

    Hope to hear soon from you, Jari

    • admin on said:

      Hi Jari, unfortunately we have misplaced the original file, but feel free to get a designer to use the assets cut and translate whatever you need, if you do go ahead, we only ask if you could please make sure you link back to our original post here, thanks!

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