Owl Pyjamas by Little Green Radicals

little green radicals owl pyjamas

It’s been a while since we sent Little Green Radicals our love for supplying us with amazingly ethical and organic clothing for children, not to mention how colourful they are!

So for anyone who is not aware, Little Green Radicals sell organic and fairtrade clothing for kids, and was one of the first in the UK to get fairtrade certification for cotton, which come to think of it is an awesome achievement!

Behind the scenes of Little Green Radicals

We would like to turn your attention one product in particular that we absolutely adore (and wish we had some adult ones), which are these cute Owl Pyjamas. These Hoot The Owl Pyjamas come in a top and bottoms set, made from 100% organic cotton and machine washable. These PJs are ideal for 1-2 years and would make a great gift to parents who are eco-conscious and want to aid developing countries prosper. Another amazing discovery if your children happen to be sensitive to certain types of materials, or even have Eczema, the organic cotton can help.

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Manumit – Featured Fairtrade Accessories

Manumit New Fairtrade Accessories

We are delighted to share some of our new ethical, fairtrade products from Manumit. Manumit offer a exquisite range of fair trade bags and accessories, which are produced and designed in the UK, and handmade by producers in the developing world.

Manumit have original and unique designs that are not seen too often on the high streets, also they have an ethical foundation, which gives their products a very personal and authentic touch, such as their Winter Grey Cherry Blossom Washbag and  Lollipop Flower Coin Purse, the hand-made embroidery work encompasses so much detail, you can truly tell that this was made by a person who is passionate about what they make.

Manumit have an underling goal to help others and create alternative and fair living in Asia, they do this by helping to tackle poverty by trade, not aid. All Manumit asks is that you purchase ethical alternatives to make a positive difference to the lives of Artisans across the developing world. Here’s Dan’s Story, one of Manumit’s producers which we found her story very touching and it’s always good to see the people behind the products. We are very proud to introduce more of Manumit’s handmade accessories to our store, we hope all the best for them.

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