Matt & Nat Vegan Handbags & Accessories – Featured Eco Supplier

collection of mat and nat vegan handbags

We are proud to announce MATT & NAT handbags & accessories to Arte Ideas. MAT & NAT are a vegan brand that continues to innovate in way to remain sustainable, They do this by excluding leather and other animal based materials in their production and use 100% recycled plastic bottles inside the linings of their bags, they have also experimented with different recycled materials such as nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork.

The inspiration behind this brand is the exploration in MAT(T)erial and NATure and how these can synergise to inspire the texture and hues of nature. such as the Fabi Vintage Backpack. Another thing that is truly inspiring about MATT & NAT is that the team constantly aim to better themselves and the environment by volunteering as much as possible.

We are always happy to see suppliers pushing their own boundaries of Environmentally Friendly Gifts, and we hope you like what they have to offer! For more eco news and updates, follow Arte Ideas on Facebook & Twitter. Also check out our Pinterest page or visit our online store at

Featured Locally Sourced Product – Spineless Classics Prints

Spineless Classics Posters

Spineless Classics Prints were created by Carl Pappenheim, He has taken full texts of classic novels and arranged them into single paper designs. They are stunning pieces of work from a distance and yet perfectly legible to read close-up.

How Carl first figured out that he could design these posters was when in a sheer rush to make his Mother a Christmas present he watched an architectural drawing roll of his friend’s printing press and realized that each poster could fit around 100,000 words, and thus this how it all started.

They have a range of books from Shelock Holmes to Winder in the Willows. They also print on lush, satin finish paper with state-or-the-art printing technology, which makes the text pin sharp and the paper non-reflective so you can hang it wherever you wish. Posters come in 100x70cms or 84x119cms with readily available frame sizes. If you are not happy with your the print, Spineless Classics have a full refund guarantee when your send the poster back within 14 days.

Everyone has a¬†favorite¬†book, why not have the whole book displayed on your wall. Spineless Classics Posters are available in store, please visit Buy from Arte Ideas and get 20% off Spineless Classics using the discount code ‘ART05′ at the checkout, this offer is limited to only in May so get your hands on a bargain. If it’s not too much trouble, like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.