About us

Our vision was to create an online emporium of Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle labels sitting side by side with new and established designers from the UK and around the world who care about our planet.  Being stylish shouldn't cost the earth. 

Supporting businesses, who operate on a Fair Trade basis and have high ethical values or who try to minimise the impact on our environment.  Whereby creating a way for consumers to support sustainability and hoping to reach a wider audience.  We believe that making small changes in the way we live our lives, we can, together make a hugh difference. 

We will re-use packaging materials where we can, but anything we cannot use, will go into local recycling centres.  Sourcing wherever possible re-cycled packaging products. 

We are starting out on a journey, taking a step in the right direction, but realise also they are many more to take. 

Brought together with love and respect. 

Anne xx


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