Our Philosophy and Beliefs

My long term ambition has always been to make a difference to people's lives and work towards a sustainable society. I had become disillusioned and disenchanted with our throwaway society which has made me look at ways in sourcing products and materials to reverse this trend.

I am conscious on how our daily lives impact on the environment but you shouldn't have to compromise your style or give up little luxuries, as we believe ethical can be stylish.

We can all jump on the bandwagon when it comes to ethical trading and we all have different interpretations, but I believe a move in the right positive direction is better than no move at all.

I feel trade should be fair to both the people who manufacture our products and the environment and all these considerations are included in the way Arte Ideas do business. Arte Ideas are committed to improving the impact on the wider community and the environment.

Arte Ideas provides a platform for an inspiring selection of eco-friendly products but also showcases local designers who care about our planet.

  • Recycled
  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainability
  • Ethical
  • Locally Sourced
An item which is partially or 100% made from recycled or vintage materials.
Made from Fair Trade principles in place, contributes to sustainable development for producers, workers and their communities.  Ensuring that workers from growing raw materials to manufacturing finished products can earn a fare wage and not be exploited.
Identifies fabrics or processes which are sustainable.  Utilising more environmentally friendly materials.
Working with organisations who actively seek tominimise environmental damage.  Developing relationships around the world with artisans who are highly skilled.
Simply, local sourced from up and coming designers in UK and Ireland.

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