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A wonderful gift for any child starting out independent feeding is their very own fun and unique dining set. The Tum Tum collection here at Arte Ideas encompasses an exciting range of cutlery and tableware with innovative designs that children love to use.

Many parents tell us it takes some of the strain out of meal times as it incorporates a degree of fun and creativity that you don’t get with your average children’s dining set. The cutlery is designed to be mixed and matched with, allowing kids to create funky animal designs that’ll put a smile to anyone’s face.

It’s not just the fun designs that are a winner with the kids, the Tum Tum range represents an innovative collection of ideas used to simplify the early stages of using conventional cutlery and dining ware.

Here’s a list of our 5 top features in the Tum Tum Tots products.

  1. The knives have an improved cutting angle making chopping food a doddle.
  2. Gripped bases underneath the tableware to ensure plates don’t slide off the table during mishaps.
  3. Spoons have an improved shape for scooping those pesky peas!
  4. On the subject of scooping, the plates have a lipped edge and even a designated corner for scooping in.
  5. The forks incorporate a bowl shape, turning them into a spork when used on their own.

See below for an overview of the different items from the Tum Tum dining collection stocked right here at Arte Ideas;


We also have a great range of Tum Tum tableware , which work seamlessly with the cutlery in creativing a fun , colourful and imaginative dining experience.


View our collection of Tum Tum dining sets and other great eco kids for gifts in our online store.

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