envirosax recycled polyester bags

It is true that Envirosax uses polyester, which is bad for the environment, but the fundamental problem is that plastic bags are generally not designed to be-reused, but Envirosax bags are. The philosophy behind Envirosax is that they provide a fashionable, but practicable product that is designed to last. Despite having some drawbacks, polyester is the most suitable material for Envirosax’s purpose of reducing the amount used. Approximately 100 billion of the 380 billion plastic bags used in the US every year are shopping bags. So you can see how Envirosax bags can significantly reduce the amount disposable plastic bags used.

Envirosax are taking strides to help the process even further by having their own dedicated Envirosax RPET. RPET is Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate which consists of 55% flat filament (virgin) polyester and 45% Repreve® polyester. This means that the 45% Repreve® is made up of 100% recycled material, with 65% pre-consumer and 35% post-consumer recycled polyester that is mainly recycled plastic bottles.

This very eco friendly process has adopted a significant amount of environmental benefits by using recycled content in the material used in the process of creating the fabric as compared to virgin polyester or other synthetic plastics.

The process of polyester yarn conserves 3.34 litres of gasoline for  every kilo of polyester yarn made. Approximately 25 million tonnes of polyester is produced globally per annum, you can see how this figure becomes a significant amount, not considering the other resources needed to create this plastic.

Envirosax are moving in the right direction and are targeted people who would normally not use an eco-friendly bag. By showing our customers these statistics, we are making the whole concept of reusable bags more insightful that they are trying their best to reduce the amount of plastic and make trendy and fashionable reusable bags, and thus spread the message to as many people they can lay their hands on.

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