Fathers Day at Arte IdeasWith only 3 days left till Father’s Day you may be wondering what to get him. How about a change, something that will make a positive impact on the environment and his smile. Granted, it is sometimes hard to understand the big picture when it comes to buying something eco-friendly. Here’s where we come in.

Thinking about how your actions stack up when buying something that is ‘eco’ can be difficult. It becomes increasing easy to see how the lives of people and the ecosystem everywhere are closely connected with one another, every single thing we do has an impact on the planet. If climate change takes a turn for the worse, what do we tell our children, when they ask you what went wrong?

Anyways, enough bad vibes aside, we currently have a range of cool Eco Gifts for men, perfect for this Father’s Day. There’s still time, head over to Arte Idea Store for more eco gifts. Please follow Facebook and Twitter for more eco news, and we have a Pinterest if you’re stuck on what to buy him this Father’s Day.

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