Diablo Keepcup Alchemy Range

Most of us think of the word alchemy and picture black-robed wizards, brooding over a cauldron, conjuring spells from the transmutation of ingredients with slightly sinister looks in their eyes, but to be fair, they probably just making a coffee.

The new Alchemy range is now available on Arte Ideas. These particular colour ranges relate to metals and materials used by famous alchemists such as Opus, Magic and Potion. Keepcup have also used names of famous alchemist such as Pandora, Khidr and Hermes.

We all need the elixir of life in the morning (or at least help getting out of bed and to work in this weather)…these Keepcups allow you to do so, while being lightweight, ergonomic and unbreakable to take on your commute to work. Did we mention that your literally helping the planet while drinking out of these, each Keepcup is saving plastic by the mouthful. Keepcup have also being working on improving their lid, which in reviewing their cup has a very secure fit and the ability to be retrofitted to existing Keepcups if you have any originals. They are constantly tinkering and improving their design of their Keepcups (much like those alchemists), here are a list of the new improvements:

– New improved lid and plug
– Improved lid and plug for a secure seal to the cup
– Larger drinking hole to enhance your experience of the aroma of your beverage
– Improved splash proof seal
– Polypropylene lid and cup, BPA free and 100% recyclable
– Lightweight, unbreakable
– Hard lid for ease of use and drinking pleasure
– Plug covers mouthpiece when not in use

So you may be wondering why and how are these called by their alchemy counterparts, let us delve deeper into the cauldron…

Phoenix Keepcup – The phoenix, which in alchemy is referred to as Ouroboros, this greek symbol depicts a dragon eating its own tail and symbolises self-reflexivity, the constant recreation and the eternal return, which seems fitting when tea/coffee is concerned…that feeling of been brought back from the dead (figuratively speaking).

Pandora Keepcup – We have all heard of Pandora’s Box myth where the mother of mankind opened the box to all kinds of evils, but managed to keep in the box the most supreme virtue…hope. Hope is also tied to this Keepcup, we hope that you get a coffee in time before that first meeting.

Diablo Keepcup – As seen in the above image…Diablo is a Spanish word, meaning devil. And yes it is also a fictional character from Marvel’s Fantastic Four (the more you know). As for how alchemy is involved, Diablo is known for his aspirations in alchemy, necromancy and world domination, the colours chosen for this cup are represented quite well (I have turned to the dark side while drinking out of this…unlimited power!).

Alchemy and Magic helps us express our dreams and desires to the universe, Keepcup has helped us express that by providing us with the energy and reusable cups to do so. For more information regarding the new cups, visit our available Keepcup Alchemy Range on Arte Ideas. Also like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more nerdy posts like this one.

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