LOQI Re-usable Bags

LOQI’s philosophy behind using stylish, reusable and environmentally friendly products is to  contribute towards a sustainable living and to make a big difference for the environment. Approximately 380 billion plastic bags are used in the US every year, 100 billion of them are plastic shopping bags. By offering sustainable choices we can collectively reduce the amount of disposable plastic waste used worldwide, and work together to make a bigger impact on saving marine animals, thousands of liters of water, and toxic chemicals that lead to acid rain and water pollution.

LOQI can guarantee their re-usable products are made ethically, without the use of harmful substances. They are affordable, stylish re-usable bags that are light (55g pouch), water resistant and capable of holding up to 20kg. The bags can easily be folded up for storage in a matching zipped pouch, which is ideal for grocery shopping. LOQI designs are one of its most unique and creative designs around, they have a wide selection of bold & colourful collections to choose from and won’t fade over time.

LOQI products are available on our Arte Ideas, also follow us on Facebook & Twitter. For more information regarding LOQI & their products visit loqistore.com

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