There is a great threat to the environment from plastic bags, toxic waste produced by their manufacture, but also in landfills by their disposal. Plastic bags take forever to bio-degrade and have a very short life span.

The government are not happy, the decline in the use of ‘single- use’ plastic bags, have not been maintained and that there has in fact been an increase. For the first time in 5 years the number handed out has increased, there was a 5% increase on the previous year.

Once again, pressure is being put onto supermarkets to radically reduce the number of plastic bags they hand out. The Government are considering additional measures if there is no improvement.

Wales have introduced a compulsory 5p charge for ‘single-use’ plastic bags, something the rest of the UK will be considering.

Plastic bags endanger our wildlife and one particular specie is at risk – the Leatherback Turtle. Turtles are mistaking discarded plastic bags for their favourite food, Jellyfish, with fatal consequences.

By making simple changes in our behaviour we can reduce the harm we cause to the environment.

Swapping plastic bags for reusable bags is one way forward. These are more likely to be used if they are attractive, strong and fashionable. These stylish eco-friendly shopping bags carry the message of re-use to a world ready to embrace a brighter ecological future.

Envirosax designer reusable bags are helping to spread the message.

  • Fold down to pocket size, always at hand and ready – no excuse not to always have one to hand.
  • Waterproof and strong – each one holding approximately 2 superstore plastic bags
  • Great designs – plenty to choose from

Turtle Bags – Inspired by Turtles – Something your Grandmothers may have used, these string bags are now back helping to spread an important message and are even more stylish.

  • Excellent Eco-Friendly alternative to plastic bags
  • Tucks neatly into your pocket – always to hand

These reusable bags are the perfect accompaniment when out;

  • Shopping
  • At the beach
  • At work
  • Carrying laundry

Pretty much anything!

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