Arte Ideas New Supplier - Josoblu

We are proud to announce our new online bag supplier Josoblu to Arte Ideas. Josoblu specalise in a wide selection of eco-friendly, reusable bags from baby changing bags to shopping and everyday handbags.

The company was first set-up in 2010 after the sudden realisation that the husband and wife team Joelle and Benedict knew there was a lack of baby change bags available, after searching hours on end for the perfect baby change bag in the high streets. Joelle got so fed up that she ended up designing her own, now she has over 340 items available across 4 different brands of environmentally friendly products such as baby change bags, shoppers, handbags and accessories. Each brand is different. Momymoo specialises in stylish baby change bags and accessories that are practical and affordable. Bebemoo specialises in bags for pre-schoolers and Re-Uz consists of stylish shopping bags with delicious floral designs of ringArose.

For more information regarding Josoblu products or other reusable bags, they are now available at

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