Seedling Home Grown Eco Products

Seedling’s eco friendly gifts focus on providing great quality tools and materials that help create inspirational opportunities and ideas within children. Their products encourage kids to think creatively, ask questions and gain life skills.

Seedling has a range of over 250 products and release a collection of products every year. They only use high quality components in their products because they believe that children’s ideas deserve real tools and materials to make them come to life.

Seedling was founded by a mother of two, Phoebe Hayman, who initially struggled to find any environmentally friendly gift ideas for her children. She realized when presents that are given were left and abandoned, in some cases within a matter of a few minutes, they did not have the ability to reflect or change the child creatively, so Seedling was created. Four initial kits were developed and based on cooking, gardening, painting and outdoor exploration. All Seedling products are inspired by her passion for fine arts and creative thought, which have influenced and inspired many children to this day. Seedling is now recognized all over the world and has grown into a well-loved brand.

For more information regarding the Seedling products and any other eco friendly gifts for kids, please visit We currently have four amazing Seedling kits just waiting to be explored.

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