LOQI Artistic & Urban Collection reusable bags

We have some new LOQI reusable bags to fit into your colourful lifestyle. These bags are from LOQI’s Artistic & Urban Collection that are the perfect bags for going grocery shopping, to the beach, or to the gym. As you might be aware by now, these reusable bags are water resistant, have an additional zip pouch, and they will not fade with use, did we also mention that they easily fold and roll up for storage.

These Artist Collection includes the work of Jessica Wilson, Micheal Arnold, Ryan Todd & Stephen Ceetham, we are proud to announce these new designs to our LOQI collection at Arte Ideas.

Additional Information:

Bag dimensions: 50cm wide x 42cm high (69cm including handles) – inside pocket measures 16.5cm x 14cm

Pouch dimensions: 11.5cm x 11.5cm

Holds up to 20kg.

For more info regarding our LOQI reusable bags, please visit Arte Idea’s Online Store. Also follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more eco news and new featured eco products.

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