NV Candle & Diffuser Gift Sets

Hope everyone had a good weekend…anyways it’s time for a new featured eco product. NV have some stunning gift sets to offer you. The sets contain a tin candle with reed diffuser to give you a more ambient and fragranced experience throughout the year. These candles come in a selection of different fragrances such as pomegranate and mango, cedarwood and vanilla, Lilly and bamboo, and many other very interesting fragrances.

The candle is made from the highest quality soy wax, as we have outlined in a previous blog article ‘Paraffin Pandemic’, soy wax candles are the best sourced eco-friendly alternative made from hydrogenated soy bean oil that burns for well over 40 hours with a low temperature, making it the safest candles on the market.

This gift set will make the ideal eco gift for Mother’s Day, or anyone who is eco-conscious and want to do their part, there has never been a better time to switch to buying eco-gifts. For more information regarding NV Candle and Diffuser Gift Sets and many other eco-friendly gifts, please visit arteideas.co.uk. Don’t forget if you sign-up to our newsletter you can also 10% off your first order! Sign up by visiting our online store.

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