Kind Bag Mesh Produce Bags (Set 3)


Pack of 3 Bags – Sizes

  • Small   –   Lilac    – 20 x 25cm
  • Medium – Lemon – 25 x 30cm
  • Large –     Lime    – 30 x 35cm

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This pack of Mesh Bags comes in three sizes and are very versatile.  Use than as Produce Bags whilst out shopping for Fruit and Vegetables, or washing delicate or small items in the washing machine.  They are also great whilst travelling

  • Made from 5 Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • 100% recycled and recyclable material
  • Entirely made from old plastic bottles destined for oceans and landfills
  • Safe to use for food products and BPA free
  • Double drawstring to close and open the bag
  • Double stitched for strength
  • Lightweight and durable


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