LOQI Glitter Power – Matt Monkey Recycled Bag


Size – 50cm x 42cm

Long Handle – 27cm

One solution to a one use plastic bag

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Glitter Power is a creative agency from France.  Specialising in pattern, surface design and illustration.  Glitter Power offers modern and colourful patterns with themes around, women and diversity, nature and animals.

Ode to the Amazon Forest.  It’s breath, its veins.  In the dampness of the night we hear the monkeys cry out, man is a very distant cousin.  Have you ever seen a monkey ransack and pollute its own habitat.  Take time to look at this beautiful place called earth and feel the nature with the Matt Monkey Recycled tote bay by Glitter Power.

  • Fold it – use the zippered pouch
  • Stuff it- stuff the bag inside the inner pocket


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