The Recycled Candle Company Wax Melts – Bitter Orange and Ylang Yang


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Bitter Orange and Ylang Ylang Wax Melts – 20 Wax Melts per Tin

Indulge in the deep, intoxicating glamour of this relaxing, mood boosting scent – combine the dark, creamy sweetness of Ylang Ylang with floral top notes of orange blossom and jasmine.

Fragrance Notes –

  • Top Notes – green notes, violet leaf, blackcurrant, petitgrain
  • Middle Notes – jasmine, gardenia, orange flower, ripe plum
  • Bottom Notes – woody, amber mossy, creamy vanilla, cashmere musk

The Recycled Candle Company makes all their candles from waste material, collecting from all over U.K.  Each candle is hand poured from recycled candles, preventing these going to landfill.  Helping to save tonnes of wax from landfill each year.


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