Sew Heart Felt ethical products

The Sew Heart Felt are a collection of skilfully hand made products that are made from organic fibres and traditional crafts. No chemicals are involved in the process of making their products, making them a great environmentally friendly gift. All of their products are designed in the UK by Sonia Spencer and beautifully handmade in Kathandue, providing sustainable livelihoods and the means to overcome poverty to woman in rural Nepal.

Treat your kids to some of the most cutest slippers we’ve ever seen, like these Rory Rabbit Slippers, which are made from Tibetan lamb’s wool and are coloured using environmentally friendly pigments, the organic wool is shaped using soap, water and hand pressure, then are left out to dry in the Nepalese sun. These slippers are available in selection of adorable animals themes such as fox, rabbit and donkey, and all come with an organic cotton drawstring pouch, which make them the ideal gifts for baby showers or first birthdays.

Sew Heat Felt have also been awarded ‘Gift of the Year’ by Eco Friendly Award for the second time running, so we are very excited to announce Sew Heart Felt to our online store, for more information regarding their products, please visit Please also like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more of the latest eco friendly gifts. We are also available on Google Plus.

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