The Organic Company

It’s that time of the month where we highlight one of our amazing eco-friendly suppliers. This month we have The Organic Company, who make home accessories from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. The organic company’s mindset is to add more honest organics into your homes by becoming the most recognisable supplier of cotton products combining organics, design and quality, and also proving that a fair organic business can be a good business.

They achieve this by carefully choosing their suppliers amongst those being GOTS certified, collaborating with Danish designers, artists and tailors and having a strict quality control. All these things have allowed them to make innovative organic products that has significantly improved the impact on the environment and on people.

All of The Organic Company’s products are organic and GOTS & SOIL certified, which means their cotton grows without any pesticides and insecticides, dyes without heavy metal and treated without harmful chemicals.

The environment and the social aspect is important to this company, that’s why they produce GOS certified organic cotton, such as their Baby Towels and MIni Tea Towels/Napkin (these have convenient tape that is adapted for hanging or keeping cutlery secure), which use 100% certified organic cotton and free from harmful chemicals.

They believe in ‘re-use’ and local businesses that are balanced, we hope their product’s continue to prosper, and the customers who buy their eco-accessories know that in doing so, we are one step closer to providing a sustainable future.

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