Eco-Friendly NV Candles

When thinking of a candle burning, one tends to associate the ambient, flickering flame with a healthy, tranquil, relaxing and meditative experience, one of purity and peace. Yet, however, with certain types of candles, the truth couldn’t be further away if it were ascending into a higher realm.

I am, dear eco enthusiasts, talking about paraffin candles. Paraffin has become the most commonly used ingredient in candles by manufacturers, due its cheap and abundant availability, yet if we all knew the (literally) crude process of producing paraffin wax, we would more than likely rear our heads in horror, and be left with our minds burning in disbelief.

Did you know, for example, that paraffin wax starts its journey at the bottom of a crude oil barrel, in the form of a black, sludgy residue left behind as a by-product of petroleum refining, and is then scraped up and refined into its own toxic ingredient? You do now…

First, however, in the race to refinement, is asphalt, which is extracted before the paraffin, giving you a general idea of just how much of a horror movie monster paraffin wax is.

After transcending the bleak depths of the oil barrel, the black, paraffin sludge undergoes a visceral transformation. As if the paraffin monster wasn’t enough of a health threat, chemists begin pumping it with carcinogenic bleaching agents such as benzene and toluene, as well as a vast range of colouring and fragrance enabling chemicals, in order to make it into a seemingly okay, marketable product, rather than, simply, the toxic, potentially cancer causing waste product it truly is.

I know friends, I know. It truly is a horror story and I am sure many of you- as I was after finding this information- are truly staggered by such discerning truth, however, fear not, for there is an alternative….

I am of course talking about Soy candles. Soy candles are a naturally sourced eco-friendly alternative, made from nothing more than hydrogenated soy bean oil, at the purest form they contain nothing more than the fore-said ingredient, yet in the case of additives (where applicable), such as colouring and fragrance, they are also, naturally sourced, harmless ingredients.

The list of pros for soy candles goes on and on, burning at a lower temperature they are much safer, and being water soluble any spillage cleans up easier, rather than the chisel and scrape technique forcibly implored by messy paraffin wax candles. And whilst they do emit some smoke, the emissions do not contain carcinogenic properties and are considerably less than other candle materials.

The benefits of soy candles lay not only within health in regards to body and mind, but also in your wallets, as they tend to burn up-to 50% longer than regular candles, which, over a period of time will save you money. Arte Ideas is offering huge 20% discount on NV Candles, which blends fragrances and natural soy wax together at an affordable price, just quote ‘CAN1303’ at the checkout. There’s never been a better time to make the switch to naturally sourced, eco friendly candles, which can make perfect environmentally friendly gifts for loved ones.

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