Squidge (The Dog)


British Made Sensory Teething Toy

Designed wih your baby’s development in mind

Made from non toxic medical trade silicone

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You cannot underestimate the power of a good teether for your little ones.

  • shape is easy to grip even for the smallest of hands with tactile and texture features to help to stimulate your baby’s senses.
  • flexible with lots of interesting textures and shapes to explore,help occupy busy little hands
  • raised bumps provide a soothing massage effect on their gums
  • Grate the side indents against their gums
  • chewable ears and legs, perfect size and shape for little mouths to explore
  • easily attaches to links or a strap, its always close to hand

Each toy comes with it’s own handy travel pouch (which is not a toy).  Squidge is fully waterproof.  Wash with warm soapy water and left to air dry and can also be steam sterilsed.  Squidge can also be popped in the fridge or freezer providing extra cooling relief for sore teething gums.  



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