Want to be more greener in the office, but don’t know how to bridge the gap in becoming more environmentally friendly? The following are tips for greening your workplace. There are a ton of environmental benefits involved in choosing to go green, while cutting back on wasteful expenditures at the same time.

1. Decrease the environmental impact of disposable cups

You need to stop providing disposable cups for your employees, this is unnecessary waste going to landfills. On average an office worker uses around 300 cups every year. Ways to stop this happening is to develop a recyclable cup solution or provide your business with reusable cups like the Keep Cup, which is a Batista standard reusable cup that is made from single component materials and have low embodied energy in manufacture. The initial cost of reusable cup will be high at first but will eventually cost less over time, while some Styrofoam and Polystyrene cups are non bio-degradable and take twice as much energy to produce, depleting the Earth’s Ozone layer and wasting huge amounts of landfill that is deadly to marine life, So using a reusable alternative can make a significant difference.

Reuseable vs. Disposable

2. Use electricity more wisely and turn off lights

Many businesses leave every light on inside the workplace, especially for rooms that are only used once during the day. Make it policy to turn as many lights off during non-office hours and use natural light as much as possible. You can also check if all of the computers are using the most energy efficient settings. This will in the long run save you money and cut back on unnecessary energy waste.

Use Fluorescent instead of Incandesceant

3.  Unplug Unused Electronic Equipment

This process is lot easier for smaller businesses, but another simpler way to save energy is to switch equipment off that is not in use. You can keep electronic equipment such as computers, laptops, fax, printers unplugged and off standby if no one is using it.

Unplug Electronic Equipment

4. Cut Back on Bin Bags 

They are currently around 1 trillion non-biodegradable plastic bags in use worldwide every year.  Businesses can cut back on plastic bag usage by reducing the amount they use. For example, instead of using bin liners in every bin in your office, keep them bare and fill them in one bin liner at the end of the day. Using environmentally alternatives to plastic at work or home can eliminate the use of disposable plastic bags, using reusable bags such as envirosax can also help in providing a sustainable lifestyle.

Cut back on Plastic Bags

The simplest things you can make a difference in running an environmentally friendly business.  You can also these environmental aspects to market your company as environmentally friendly, many companies seek our green companies to do business with, they find companies with green policies more responsible and conscious about the environment, so not only does your business save money, you can also grow your business.




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